adesivo 100natura

This brand is distributed to professional users of our products and certifies the naturalness and the safety of the raw material.

Therefore, the product labelled with this brand, which brings together different realities of our supply chain, is:


because it was made in compliance with the latest standards of food safety in the process, which led to the abandoning of the wood in favor of stainless steel and polyurethane in order to limit the possibility of contamination and the formation of mold or of other microorganisms in the canals where the product flows. The machines employed are increasingly studied and made in one piece (product safety) so as to ensure the lowest risk of loss of components during the work cycle that may contaminate the product.


because we begin the selection of the corn upstream, with a strong and constant cooperation with all our suppliers. Our balanced and steady mixes are the result of a parameter monitoring.


because we believe that the overall health of our material can be an added value for all operators in the industry and because today’s consumer is increasingly attentive and demanding.


Made by “La Parmigiana” (brand) in collaboration with Molino Braga.

Pasta making machine

In order to support the craftsmanship and the range of offer of our customers, Molino Braga encourages the purchasing and the using of professional equipment to produce fresh pasta directly on the shop bank. Today’s consumer, more and more interested in the knowledge of the raw materials and in the producing processes, will have the chance to appreciate the on-site production of various long and short pasta, extruded through a bronze wire drawing machine.
Molino Braga places, beside the promotion to purchase the machines here after described, a complete line dedicated to fresh pasta with specific flours for artisanal use (catalogue “linea pasta” and catalogue “formati”).

The first model is the machine D35, a bench model machine with traditional mixer from about 2.5 kg. Manufactured entirely in stainless steel, it has a production capacity of 6.8 kg / h. It can be used with all types of flour and is equipped with an electric cutter for short pasta. The disassembly of the parts in contact with the dough allows a rapid and effective cleaning. The Maintenance in this machine is basically nonexistent. The control panel on the head makes all the use and control operations very easy.

Beside the machine D35 there is the machine D35BASIC.

For those aspiring to the performance of the D35 but with a reduced budget available, the option BASIC has been manufactured. As the word says, it’s easier and cheaper, with a minimal supply of accessories. The cheaper price guarantees however the same productivity, even if with a fixed voltage of 230/50 / 1Ph .

Both the former and the latter machine can assemble a manual ravioli maker machine.


The RV3 is the smallest stainless steel machine, with very particular features. The RV3, as a matter of fact, uses a centrifugal kneading tank where the hydration is made in a more homogenous and faster way, reducing the oxidation of the dough and keeping the color for more time.

For these special features, the RV3 is also suited to the preparation of dough for bread and pizza. The tank can contain up till 2 kg of wheat, in case of dough without eggs. The productivity can go up to 5 kg / h, easy to clean and without the need of maintenance, the RV3 is a machine suitable for large families, farms, restaurants, snack bars and Italian style fast food facilities.

For further information not available in the catalogue, please contact the Reference Agent.