Packaging and Logistics - PINCH-TOP the innovation of the packaging

In 2003 Molino Braga has set up a latest generation of packaging machines, Ups Ages by Umbra Packaging. The choice of this equipment has allowed us to introduce an innovative, high-performance packaging system, called PINCH – TOP. A sack of multilayer paper with pre-glued upper edge is sealed, after the insertion of the flour, by restoring through heat the glue on the edge. The obtained sealing, perfect from a functional and aesthetic point of view, provides also the following advantages:

  • No accidental loss of the product.
  • No ooze with respect to the pallet.
  • No external contamination.

This technologically advanced system allows us to maintain our and our customer’s working environment hygienic, compliant with the quality and professionalism for which we constantly are demanded. The bagging line, which a specific operator is responsible for, is fully regulated by an electromechanical system. The weigher with a doser turbine finally ensures precise adjustment even from the smaller sizes. The pallets of goods are then stored in our warehouses, or at warehouses and external platforms, broken down by size and item number.

IThe Molino is also equipped for the delivery of bulk product, both with a motor unit (15ton ) and with a motor unit and trailer (30ton).