Farina&Farine magazine of information about the “white-art” was born in May 2013 by an idea of our sales team with the aim of getting the Molino and its news known to anyone. Through this innovative means of communication, our customers receive information about the recipes, events industry and in general, about the whole oprofessional world of the “white-art”.

Farina&Farine is Distributed by the Agents from Molino Braga and by Dealers all over Italy in Italian language and in Europe in English, with a print run of 2,000 hard copies and electronically to all the members of our newsletter. Furthermore, it’s possible to see the online version in this section, together with an archive of the previous numbers.



N° 10 – June 2016

N° 9 – February 2016

N° 8 – October 2015

N° 7 – May 2015

N° 6 – January 2015

N° 5 – September 2014

N° 4 – June 2014

N° 3 – January 2014